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How difficult it becomes sometimes to take a specific decision, in this situation it feels easier when others decide something for us, but when it comes to take self-decision then they usually finds them flummoxed. It happens in student’s life as well especially when they have to choose a topic for their dissertation, do you know it takesweeks to decide? For those graduate students who are wishing to write their dissertation on feminism and its role in English literature, here I have got the best analysis, the central theme which can be very useful for you guys as it is analyzed and written by me with the help of my expert supervisors. This explanation can provide you good dissertation writing help.


Feminist criticism is about the rights of women who were considered inferior to men in society. The movement was started in earlier times which became more strengthened between 1960s and now it has become a fulcrum in the literary movement as few highbrow critiques and writers have also subsidized in this movement via books & essays such as Simon De Beauvoirwho wrote “the second sex”, Virginia Wolf wrote “the room of one’s own, and Helene Cixous wrote “laugh of medusa”.

The feminist movement in political reign begins in 1960s. The roots of feminism exist in literature and thought. It is related to literature because books used to depict images of women to us which were sometimes positive or negative. This movement is divided into three waves;

- Feminist (Political) – Women asked for the primitive needs that are concerned with the right to vote and choose their husbands.


- Female (biology) – Women wanted equality with men (Gender equality) in education, business, and money. They wanted to have a political position in the government.

- Feminism (Radical Feminism/Social understanding) – Women asked for their own societies and demand their own social identity.


The feminine theory is further consists of two aspects. Constructed and Essential which can be marked as a basic foundation upon which whole feminism is constructed. Essentialism is the natural aspect or quality of women. In other words, being irrational and emotional is a part of women’s nature. While Constructed (conditioned) is any aspect or behavior which is taught to her by society. Women are taught to compromise, adjust, and to be emotional. The representation of women in literature provides the role model which indicated to both women and men, what specify the acceptable version of feminine and legitimate feminine goals and aspirations.

Simon De Beauvoir in her book “The Second Sex” (which was in response to Freud theory on the phallocentric/envy difference) argues that feminism should work to liberate a woman from a system of male-centered values and beliefs. Women should be encouraged to discover their own unique female identity. This identity is frequently described as being more emphatic, cooperative, deeply connected to others and well acceptable of numerous viewpoints unlike male identity which is rigid, dominant and exist in rationalist belief in one truth


In literature, there is variety of female characters belonging to each era who can be seen throughfeminist vision, especially in Shakespeare plays; for instance Juliet, lady Macbeth, Ophelia, Miranda, and Countess Olivia, but the reason of choosing novel “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorn is that after reading this criticism the very first character which strike in my mind was of Hester Prynne who can is said a great example of feminist theory reflecting both women oppression and women power. The women oppression and objectivitythat becomes the inspiration for this movement and the second is women power and liberty which is the result of this movement, how a shattered woman manages to retain her dignity and position throughout the novel.

The few elements which are mentioned in feminist criticism like love, sex, and her chastity and weakness altogether are reflected in this novel somewhere to some extent. I acquiesce with the idea that a woman could build her own career, in some cases maybe better than a man would. A woman is enough alone to face all challenges provided that she left independent as depending on others especially a man means constantly doing what he or other decides. Women have a right to be economical, socially, and intellectually independent. They don’t need to be ruled by man as they know how to manage themselves. The binary opposition in this society has been existing from years like when men are regarded as strong, women is weak, if men is rational, she is emotional, if man is active, she is passive.


Though sometimes women’s struggle will encounter some unexpected setbacks and even tragic failure, however, women strong determination for big actions never become stagnant. After experiencing so many hardships, they grow more and more mature and strong, which enables them to prepare for the future struggle beset with more difficulties on their love journeys. What I conclude that this novel has a positive impact of feminist theory in terms of gender equality, women power and other matters of life which are deeply concerned with feminine struggle.

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